Unfortunately, paperwork is something we can never get away from, however, we do endeavor to keep paperwork to the minimum essentials.  For each psychological assessment that is administered for a child, we require the parent or guardian to complete and sign a consent form.  If a school is involved then it can be helpful if a teacher completes a teachers report form. To make the task a bit easier, below are links to both our own forms as well as the forms used for assessments commissioned under NEPS (National Educational Psychological Services).

Private Psycho-Educational Assessment Consent Forms

Children (<18 years)                                 Adults (18+)                                  

Private Comprehensive Psychological Assessment Consent Form

Children (<18 years)                               Adults (18+)                                   

Private Teacher Report Form   Used by teachers/tutors to give us their perspective of any possible difficulties the person to be assessed may be experiencing.

Private Preschool Report Form   Used by preschool teacher to give us their perspective of any possible difficulties the child to be assessed may be experiencing.

Scheme for Commissioning of Psychological Assessments (SCPA) Forms for NEPS Funded Assessments

The following forms are taken directly from the Department of Education and Science (DES) (www.education.ie) website, for use with the NEPS  SCPA scheme.

FORM 1 – Consent Form

FORM 2 – Referral Form