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Unfortunately, paperwork is something we can never get away from, however, we do endeavour to keep paperwork to the minimum essentials.

Parental consent and referral form can be submitted to us via the "Request an Assement" button at the topof this page.


Teacher report form can be found below


Forms used for assessments commissioned under NEPS (National Educational Psychological Services) can be downloaded  from the Department of educationa website and are also linked belwo for your convenience. These forms are only usedfor schools who have been given sanction tou use us instead of their usual NEPS psychologist.  

Scheme for Commissioning of Psychological Assessments (SCPA) Forms for NEPS Funded Assessments

The following forms are taken directly from the Department of Education and Science (DES) ( website, for use with the NEPS SCPA scheme.

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