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Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment



Multi-Disciplinary Gold Standard Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Team Assessment


PALS provide a Gold Standard ASD assessment service, recognised by the HSE and the Department of Education.  We refer to it here as an Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment for the sake of simplicity, but this assessment is far more comprehensive than that. 

This assessment will look at the individuals overall educational, behavioural, emotional and social profile, in addition to a speech and language profile when it is required.  This assessment therefore not only looks at ASD, but also many other difficulties that are often present alongside ASD (e.g. learning difficulties, ADHD, Anxiety, ODD, etc).  


This assessment potentially takes place over 2 phases.


Phase 1

This involves a comprehensive psychological assessment, examining Educational, Behavioural, Emotional and Social Profiles and also including Gold Standard ASD diagnostic tools (the ADOS-2 observation and the 3di parental interview) administered by trained psychologists.


The Educational aspect includes cognitive and attainment testing to examine an individuals  learning and cognitive profile, and to establish whether learning difficulties or Intellectual Disabilities may be present.  This is done in the form of a series of games and puzzles completed by the individual being assessed by an Educational Psychologist, as well as Adaptive Behavior testing (questionaires completed by parent/caregiver and school).


The Emotional/Behavioural aspect is completed in the form of a series of standardised questionaires completed by the school and parents (and the individual being assessed where possible and appropriate).  This will explore the presence of Emotional and Behavioural Diffivculties (EBD's) such as anxiety, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, etc.  


The Gold Standard ASD aspect of this assessmnt consists of a Diagnostic Interview (The Developmental, Dimensional and Diagnostic Interview -3di) and Stndardised Observation in the clinic (The Autism Diagnostic Observation Scedule 2 - ADOS-2). 

The 3di is a intensive parent/caregiver interview that takes approximatly one hour to complete with our Educational Psychologist, Jason Greenford, who is trained to administer this test.  

The ADOS-2 is a standardised observation method used to assist in the diagnosis of ASD, and is administered by trained Psychologist Clinton Greenford.  This takes approximatly 30 minutes to an hour.

We are able to give imediate feedback for both these tests to clients on the assessment day and give an immediate indication as to the liklihood of an ASD diagnosis.  In some more borderline cases, we also will adminster the Childhood Autism Rating Scale 2 (CARS2) to bring a third diagnostic tool in to help clarify whether diagnostic critiera are met or not.   Potentially, a diagnosis may be ruled out at this stage, in which case no further appointments will be necessary, and a report wil be completed within 2 to 3 weeks of all paperwork being returned back to us.  However if ASD has not been ruled out, then Phase 2 will be intiated.


Phase 2

If phase 1 has not ruled out ASD, then a referral wil be made to Senior Speech and Language Therapist Frances O'Brien (Based in Killaloe, Co. Clare) who will carry out a language and communication assessment and introduce the multi-disciplanry aspect to this assessment. She wil provide her findings to PALS, which wil the be combined into one overall Comprehensive Multi-Disciplinary Report, whcih wil be signed off by both Psychologists and Speech an Language Therapist.  


Fee Structure:


Children aged 3 to 5 and/or nonverbal:          Phase 1:   €600         Phase 2:   €200              (Potential Overall Fee: €800)



 Primary School:                                                   Phase 1:   €700         Phase 2:    €250               (Potential Overall Fee: €950)


 Secondary School/Adults:                                Phase 1:    €800            Phase 2:   €250               (Potential Overall Fee: €1050)



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