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Attainment Testing

Attainment testing is generally used for Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) application when applying to colleges and third level education. This assessment tests literacy and numeracy only, and is only completed when a psycho-educational report has already been completed, but is more than 2 years old, in which case numeracy/literacy scores need updating. Standardised testing takes place in our clinic, and can not be done online.


Please note that this updated attainment testing can normally be done by the school's Special Education Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCO), you do not need to go to a psychologist for this, and we would normally only provide this testing when for some reason the school is not in a position to provide the tests needed.  

As part of the DARE application, you will already have a cognitive assessment diagnosing a Specific Learning Difficulty, but up-to-date literacy and numeracy scores will be required to show current impact. 


Attainments in Literacy: A score at or below the 10th percentile can be presented in any TWO of the following literacy areas to meet DARE criteria:

Reading accuracy

Single word reading

Reading comprehension

Phonological skills/ Pseudoword Decoding

Reading speed/ fluency


Writing speed

Attainments in Numeracy: A score at or below the 10th percentile can be presented in any ONE of the following numeracy areas to meet DARE criteria:

Mathematical reasoning and problem solving

Mathematical computation

The required DARE Attainment Summary Sheet will be completed and given to you on the assessment date if criteria is met.


Requesting an assessment is easy. Please fill out the necessary details and one of our psychologists will be in touch.

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