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To discuss autism assessment in Ireland, please contact our clinic today.

Autism Assessment Ireland

From our Tipperary clinic, PALS provides autism assessments in Ireland. Our services extend to autism assessments for children aged 3 to 17 years.
For children, a formal autism diagnosis allows the child access to certain services.
During the assessment, PALS take a multi-disciplinary approach and use various standardised diagnostic tools, including:

This is a semi-observational assessment that evaluates behaviour and social observation.

ASD Diagnostic Interview

This interview assessment is used when ASD hasn't been ruled out. This interview can be conducted in our clinic or through Zoom. The child's parent/guardian speaks with educational psychologist Jason Greenford.

For additional information on the diagnostic tools used during an autism assessment, get in contact with PALS today.

Our multi-disciplinary team completes all ASD diagnoses. PALS uses the ADOS-2 and the 3di as a part of our assessment battery. Our assessments follow the DM-5 criteria to ensure acceptance by the HSE and Department of Education.

For children under 6, we take a holistic approach to diagnosis. We consider multiple diagnoses to ensure children are diagnosed correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an Autism Assessment?

Please get in contact with our Tipperary clinic directly at We’ll be in touch and explain how to schedule an autism assessment.

Do you provide autism assessments for both adults and children?

Yes, our Tipperary clinic provides autism assessments for both children and adults.

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