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(Last update - 27/1/23)

Attainment Testing

(Only for DARE Applications where schools are unavailable to provide these tests and a Dyslexia diagnosis has already been made)

Within 2 weeks (Outside of school holidays)

Educational Assessments (For learning Disabilities such as Dyslexia):

Middle to end of March 2023

Comprehensive Assessments

Phase 1 does not require a clinic appointment.  On completion of our Online Referral Form (found on top of the website) Clinton Greenford (psychologist) will contact you to discuss phase 1, and if both parties are happy to proceed, phase 1 commences immediately on receipt of €200 payment and a contact name and email for the school.  

Phase 2 appointments are given at the end of phase 1, following a verbal consultation regarding phase 1 results.  Currently, phase 2 appointments are being provided for Mid February 2023.


Phase 3 appointments (ONLY required for the multi-disciplinary aspect of the Autism Spectrum Disorder assessments) are normally provided within 4 weeks of the completion of phase 2.

On completion of phase 3 (or phase 2 if 3 was not required), the report takes approximately 4 weeks.  

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