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Comprehensive PsychologicaL (& MULTIDISCIPLINARY WHERE REQUIRED) AssessmentS






Comprehensive Assessments focus on the overall  Educational, Behavioural, Emotional and Social Profiles (where required)


These assessments explore whether an individual may meet the DSM-5 Diagnostic criteria for conditions such as  ADHD, Anxiety, ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder), Conduct Disorder, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), etc.   Where a diagnosis of ASD is being considered, a fully multi-disciplinary assessment will be utilised in accordance with HSE diagnostic criteria.  For school-aged children these assessments also include the educational assessment, looking into potential learning difficulties. 


Please note that for assessments for ASD, the earliest age is 3 years.

For all other queries, 6 years is the youngest we can assess. 

We are only able to offer a children's service due to high levels of demand (up to age 17)


These assessments may potentially require three phases.  


  Phase 1:       Pre-Appointment (Screening)  


The first phase of the comprehensive assessment requires the completion of standardised questionnaires by parent, teacher (where relevant), and possibly the child/adolescent themselves.  This information allows us to collect standardised data of the individual's current psychological profile across contexts.

On receiving all forms back, Psychologist Clinton Greenford will give you a call back to discuss the findings and you will decide whether you wish to initiate phase 2. 

No clinic appointment is required for phase 1.


Phase 1 Pre Appointment Screening Fee: €200

If client does not wish to proceed to phase 2, an optional  non-diagnostic screening report can be provided with detailed scores listed from part 1.  

Non-Diagnostic Screening report Fee €200



  Phase 2:       Psychology  


What occurs in Phase 2 is dependent on many factors, which will be discussed at the end Phase 1.  Below is a price structure to give you an idea of what may be required.  The final price for Phase 2 will be based on what is used below, as determined in Phase 1.  


Psycho-Educational Profile  

  Children not yet in primary/secondary education (may not be possible for some children):           €50 

  Primary school students:                                                                                                                            €100

  Secondary School Students:                                                                                                                     €200 

ASD Diagnostic Interview (3di)

Only for cases where ASD is being assessed and has not been ruled out in Phase 1.

A Gold Standard diagnostic interview (3di) conducted between parent/guardian and Educational Psychologist Jason Greenford

Can be done in the clinic, or via zoom/phonecall.

Fee:  €100


 Test of Variables of Attention (T.O.V.A. 9)

Only for cases where ADHD is being assessed and has not been ruled out in Phase 1.

TOVA is a computer-based test that helps to diagnose ADHD by providing objective information on attention-related abilities like sustained attention and impulsivity. It is a reliable and valid assessment that can differentiate between individuals with ADHD and those without based on their performance patterns.

Fee:  €75

Comprehensive Report

A comprehensive and well-structured report containing results, conclusions, and recommendations where appropriate.

Fee:  €250

 So for example, a primary school student commencing phase 2 who requires the educational assessment (€100) and further investigation into ASD via the diagnostic interview (€100)  would be charged €400 at the end of phase 1 (the additional €200 is for the final report).   


  Phase 3:  Speech and Language 


This final phase will normally only initiate based on results from the ASD Diagnostic Interview in Phase 2.  However in some rare cases where the child did not attend phase 2, this phase can be used as an observation process.


Following a consultation from phase 2,  a referral will be made to Senior Speech and Language Therapist Frances O'Brien ( who will carry out a language and communication assessment and administer the 2nd Gold Standard diagnostic tool, the ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule - 2).   This completes the multi-disciplinary aspect of the overall assessment. Frances will provide her findings to PALS, which will then be combined into one overall Comprehensive Multi-Disciplinary Report, which will be signed off by the team.  


On completion of Phase 3, PALS psychologist Clinton Greenford will send you a draft of the report to look over and offer you a feedback call to discuss the final report before it is published.  This can also be done via a zoom call, whereby the report can be shared and edited on screen.

 Fee for Phase 3:   €350 



At PALS, all assessments are conducted using formal DSM-5 diagnostic criteria. Reports are generated within 4 weeks of the end of the assessment process and are accepted by DES and the HSE.

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