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Comprehensive PsychologicaL (& MULTIDISCIPLINARY WHERE REQUIRED) AssessmentS


Comprehensive Assessments looking at the Educational , Behavioural, Emotional and Social Profiles (where required)

These assessments will explore whether an individual may meet the DSM-5 Diagnostic citeria for conditions such as  ADHD, Anxiety, ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder, ASD (Autism Specrtum Disorder), etc.   Where a diagnosis of ASD is being considered, a fully multi-disciplinary assessment will be utilised in accordance with HSE diagnostic criteria. 


Please note that for assessments for ASD, the earliest age is 3 years.

For all other queries, 6 years is the youngest we can assess. 


These assessments  may potentially require  three phases.  


  Phase 1:       Pre Appointment (Screening)  


The first phase of the comprehesive assesment requires completion of standardised questionaires by parent, teacher (where relevant)  and possibly the child/adolescent themselves.  This information allows us to collect standardised data of the individuals current emotional and behavioural profile.

On receiving all forms back, Psychologist Clinton Greenford will give you a call back to discus the findings and to decide whether to initiate phase 2. 

No clinic appoinment is required for phase 1 and no written report can be provided at this stage.

Phase 2 will be discussed at the end of Phase 1.


Fee: €200



  Phase 2:       Psychology  


What occurs in Phase 2 is dependent on many factors, which will be discussed in Phase 1.  Below is a price structure to give you an idea of what may be required.  The final price for phase 2 will be based on what is used below, as determined in Phase 1.  



Psycho-Educational Profile  

Refer to this page for more information regarding this part of the assessment.  


                                            Children not yet in primary/secondary education (may not be possible for some children):     €50 

                                            Primary school students:                                                                                                                                     €100

                                            Secondary School Students:                                                                                                                             €200


ASD Diagnostic Interview (3di)

Only for cases where ASD is being assessed and has not been ruled out in Phase 1.

A Gold Standard diagnostic interview (3di) conducted between parent/guardian and Educational Psychologist Jason Greenford

Can be done in the clinic, or via zoom/phonecall.

Fee:  €100


Comprehensive Report

A comprehensive and well structured report containing results, conclusions and recommendations where appropriate.

Fee:  €200



Phase 3:      Speech and Language


This phase will only initiate based on results from the ASD Diagnostic Interview in Phase 2.  


Following consultation from phase 2,  a referral will be made to Senior Speech and Language Therapist Frances O'Brien (www.speechandlanguageclinic.ie) who will carry out a language and communication assessment and administer the 2nd Gold Standard diagnostic tool, the ADOS-2 (this is an observation method used to assist in ASD diagnosis).   This completes the multi-disciplinary aspect of the overall assessment. She will provide her findings to PALS, which will then be combined into one overall Comprehensive Multi-Disciplinary Report, which wil be signed off by the team.  


On completion of Phase 3, PALS will offer parents feedback before issuing the report, in the form of a zoom call with Clinton Greenford (Psychologist), whereby the draft report can be screen shared to allow a comprehensive walkthrough.   Zoom isnt everyones cup of tea though, and alternatively we can offer a brief phonecall for post-assessment feedback. 

 Fee for Phase 3:   €350 



At PALS, all assessments are conducted using formal DSM-5 diagnostic criteria. Reports are generated within 4 weeks of the end of the assessment process and are accepted by DES and the HSE.

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