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Comprehensive Psychological Assessment

Cognitive, Behavioural & Emotional Assessments (Including ADHD, Anxiety, ODD, etc.)

This assessment carries out a full psycho-educational assessment in addition to also examining behavioural, emotional and social difficulties that may be presenting at home and/or in the school environment.

During a comprehensive psychological assessment, we look at a child's level of learning ability compared to other children their age and is best suited for when there are concerns about delayed learning or atypical learning. This form of assessment is ideal when there are concerns about social and emotional development and concentration and attention and may diagnose ADHD, ADD and EBD (Emotional Behavioural Disturbances).

The purpose of this assessment is to not only to correctly identify the issues but also to recommend supports that can be put in place to help the individual. A comprehensive psychological assessment is often required to determine a child's needs for additional resources in school such as special needs assistants, assistive technology, resource hours, or for accommodations during exams in secondary school.


At PALS, assessments are conducted using formal DSM-5 diagnostic criteria. Reports are generated within 2-3 weeks and are accepted by DES and the HSE.

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